We’re sure that there’s no work better than farming…

Founded by a family of Irish immigrants who came to the US after the failed Easter Rising of 1916, since those times the farm grew expansively.

As far as our farming production goes, we’re sure that covering as many of those as possible is the best decision.

This is why we’re doing a range of farming – starting with cultivating vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, honey and so on and all the way to managing livestock.

Also, when there’s any event that needs to be hosted somewhere nice outside, our farming facility is always at your service.

On top of that, we offer farming tours, both for families and kids!

Production Range


As far as we know, farming is one of the most booming industries these days. That is why we do it all – vegetables, fruits, nuts, and livestock.

Seasoned Crew

With more than one hundred of employees on our farm crew, the team means a lot for us. In fact, if it was not for them we would not be as big as we are!

Established History

Founded almost a hundred years ago by a family of Irish immigrants, this farming facility is known for its long experience and agricultural prowess.

Affordable Prices

Also, knowing that the market is ripe these days, we never try to hike the prices for our produce. This is why all the locals love us!

Meet the Team
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